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Hello there! WPGameShow would appreciate it if our efforts for the WordPress Community can be supported. We aren’t out to make anything significant from this. In fact I will list out the costs and equipment needed/desired here – if you know someone that can contribute equipment or cash we will work out a sponsorship deal and perhaps deeper participation in the gameshow itself.

Items Cost

  • Loopback Software (One Time $99; License Already Purchased, But Cost Can Be Covered)
  • Audio Hijack (One Time $59)
  • Decent Microphone
  • CrowdCast Account (Current Accessibility Concerns) Lite or Pro version. Monthly/Annual cost. Prefer Pro because it can be multi-streamed to YouTube, longer sessions, and more hours per month. This is by far the biggest cost.
  • A few bucks to cover about an hour’s worth of setup time every week (i’m doing the actual show on my own time)