About WP Gameshow

The “Gameshow” for WordCamps began as a brief experiment at WordCamp Miami 2016 during closing remarks. Only lasting about 30 minutes, but retained many more attendees than previous years (in other words, many people showing up for closing remarks were there to see if they won any sponsor raffles and didn’t stick around).

That’s when we knew this was going to be awesome in future WordCamps in Miami, but potentially other WordCamps and conferences too. Miami’

The purpose of this site is to share the types and variations of the “Gameshow” concept. It may have started in Miami a few years ago, but we this to spread!

Other event organizers can contact us to share experiences and photos. We would love to share photos so that others can get a sense of what the trivia contents can be like. We would also like to share variations of the game show.

Event organizers can check out “questions” in the menu to get quick access to the public questions WordCamps like Miami have produced in Kahoot. That way if you need something quick, you don’t have to remake trivia questions!